2003 svt cobra mustangIf you guys like Terminators, you'll love this photo shoot of a blue 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang glimmering in the sun against the mountain side. I've always been a big fan of Terminator Cobras, ever since Ford came out with the supercharged version in 2003 and 2004. I mean sure previous model Cobras were pretty cool, but the 03-04 are super unique. The front fascia, beefy rear end, and the sleek side view of these Stangs are stupendous. Matched up with custom CCW wheels and this custom muscle car is a knockout. What an incredible car!!!

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Already, aftermarket parts are starting to surface for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Recently Magnaflow has posted a video clip showing off the sound from their new Competition catback exhaust kit. Overall I would say the new Magnaflow Exhaust sounds a little raspy and not deep enough, on the flipside of that though, the performance gains are disappointing at all. Magnaflow claims a 30 horsepower 25 foot pounds of toruge increase.

Some Mustang fans are kind of questioning those performance gains... I guess once Mustang fans get their hands on this new Mustang and Magnaflow exhaust, they will see for themselves. As always, Magnaflow Competition catback exhaust features stainless steel 3-inch mandrel-bent tubing with a resonator and mufflers. To top it off, Magnaflow uses super huge 4.5-inch tips and back. Magnaflow claims they have two versions, the Street version that keeps the volume below 95 decibels and the Competition version that turns it up the sound above 95 db.

But be ready to reach deep into your pockets because a new Magnaflow exhaust will set you back $1,199. Preorder now and get your own Magnaflow hat free (while supplies last).

Ford Racing shows us, even though the 2015 Ford Mustang is using an independent rear suspension, this bad boy can still dip into the 10s in the 1/4 mile with the right parts. What an amazing muscle car! To get the 2015 Mustang GT to run an incredible 10.97 at 128 mph in the quarter-mile, Ford racing has used these performance parts:

• Driveshaft Safety Loops
• Ford Racing/ROUSH Performance Supercharger
• Ford Racing Engine Calibration
• Four-Point Roll Cage
• Heavy Duty Halfshafts
• Hoosier Slicks
• Performance Rear Subframe
• Recaro Race Seat
• Weld-Racing AlumaStar Drag Wheels

And even with the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder, Ford Racing managed to get the 2015 Ecoboost Mustang to run 12.56 at 109mph. Impressive? I would say yes, hell yes! Kick the tires and light the fires big daddy!!! Man I love this car. I can't wait to see what the aftermarket companies can do with the 2015 Ford Mustang when they get their hands on it, for now watch the drag racing video to get your kicks.

photos 2015 roush mustangAlright Mustang fans, are you ready for the 2015 Roush Mustang? Check out these incredible photos of the 2015 Roush Mustang! The muscle car absolutely looks sinister. Jack Roush, as always has produced one hell of a sweet ride, this modified 2015 Mustang is going to "WoW" fans all across the world soon as it hits the streets.

You'll notice that Roush has replaced the entire girl and front fascia with its own custom body parts that actually extend the nose a few inches forward then the stock Mustang. The biggest improvement you'll notice is the massive hood scoop in front, with new fender vents on the side. Just the new hood has significantly improved the aggressiveness of the sports car.

According to Roush, these new improvements on the body, aren't just for looks but also to improve the car’s aerodynamic performance. And to finish this special edition Mustang off, Roush has gift wrapped the Mustang with 20-inch cast wheels and Cooper RS3 tires for better grip when racing! The six piston Brembo brake package gives the 2015 Roush Mustang the stopping power it needs at the drag strip. Overall I think Jack Roush has hit the nail right on the head!

Ford Mustang fans will be impressed, along with the haters from Mopar and GM. A lot of those guys were saying the 2015 Ford Mustang looks too much like a Fusion. I'll tell you what, if you can't tell the difference between this Roush Mustang and a Fusion, you don't belong next to a muscle car. Suck it, the 2015 Ford Mustang is a hit along with the new Roush Mustang, I guarantee this car is going to do well in sales overseas. Can't wait to see a brand-new Roush out on the road...

2015 roush chrome wheels2015 roush mustang front2015 roush mustang rearblack 2015 roush mustangroush 2015 mustang stick shiftroush 2015 mustang rear tail lightsroush 2015 mustang badge

2015 ford mustang rendering

Here's what the 2015 Ford Mustang might've looked like if car designers brought an old 2009 rendering to life. I wouldn't say it's horrible, but I don't like the rounded front fascia, as well as the hood scoop! For some reason they all just don't fit well with one another. Along with the chin spoiler and horrible looking fog lights, I think this 2009 rendering would've been kind of a failure. I'm glad Ford decided to make the front fish a more bolder and clean-cut looking, rather than rounded.

And really honestly I think Ford needs to still do something with the hood to make the 2015 Mustang look a lot more aggressive. Certain colors of 2015 Ford Mustang looks great, but like in white and silver, the 2015 Mustang just looks a little bland. Red, orange, black, and blue definitely give the new Mustang in more sinister look to it. But if you're going to go with one of the more plain colors, the 2015 Mustang needs a hood scoop. Let's see what Roush and Saleen do with the car and maybe those colors will looks a little better all jazzed up with custom bodywork.

2015 mustang ford falconAccording to News.com, the 2015 Ford Mustang will cost the same as a falcon when it goes on sale next year and Australia. And it's already been claimed by Ford, 13,000 Australians are queuing to buy the legendary muscle car. Really though, the new Mustang is kind of striving away from the iconic muscle car look, Ford calls this more of a sporty Euro look on the all new Mustang.

It's possible that the police might become Mad Max cops with the new Mustang. With the new mad max movie set the come out soon, it wouldn't be surprised if Australian police stations take on a new fleet of 2015 Ford Mustang as police cruisers. It sure would be neat, then again, running away from the police might be impossible!

The 2015 Mustang will cost between $50,000 and $70,000 in Australia, while the outgoing Falcon GT which cost $80,000. I'm sure Australian natives can't wait, with a $16.87 minimum wage, I'm sure they can afford one! I guess this explains why Ford is trying to sell the new sports car overseas, they're not counting on the average car enthusiast in the US to afford it.

fake engine noise ecoboost mustang

I just read over on Jalopnik, that according to Jason Cammisa from Road & Track, the 2015 Eco Boost Mustang pumps engine noise over the speakers to make the car sound better. While many sports car fans might think that this tarnishes the Ford Mustang legacy, however think about it! Eventually cars are going to go electric right? Well what are we going to do done with sports cars, stop making them altogether? This is just the beginning of different ways to modify some of these eco-friendly sports cars that are starting to come out. Because the bottom line, a turbocharged four-cylinder does not sound as good as a V8 equipped Mustang.

I mean the day has come, where eventually we need to start thinking greener folks, since the scientific consensus suggests that climate change (global warming) is true. It's either our health or having super loud muscle cars for the rest of our life!!! Ridiculous post, where everyone has right to their own opinion!!!

2015 saleen s302 mustang specsThe specs are in for the 2015 Saleen S302 and boy do they sound sexy, how about 640 hp and 565 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels? Yes, was hoping for Saleen to break the 700 mark, but really 640 horsepower is plenty enough power for anyone with a lead foot. The 640 hp and 565 lb-ft of torque is considered to be the amount of power for both the Yellow and Black Label cars. While the White Label Saleen Mustang will offer a 450 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque package.

To achieve such numbers for the Yellow and Black Label Stangs, Saleen has used a supercharger as always, and also an upgraded fuel system and air intake for better breathing. These custom Mustangs will get a get a limited-slip differential and the choice of manual or automatic transmissions. As well as a set of cool custom wheels ranging from different styles and sizes: 19-20 inches in diameter. The performance brakes are 15 inches in diameter, with six-piston calipers.

Upgrades unique to the range-topping Black Label model include a front bumper with additional intakes and LED daytime running lights, carbon fiber elements, and some extra details at the rear. This special model will also get a unique sporty suspension with new shocks, sprains, and sway bars.

I think these specs are rather exciting to say the least, but really, most Saleen Mustang fans want to see what these custom 2015 Mustangs will look like in real life. Knowing Steve Saleen, he won't let us down!

red 2015 saleen mustang photos

2015 roush mustang photosAlong with Saleen throwing us a teaser, Roush has also thrown us a teaser, actually showing us a real photo of the 2015 Roush Mustang, not a rendering, but still not the whole car. Still though, we'll take it right? I'm rooting for the Saleen Mustang, I'm sure the 2015 Roush Mustang will look good, but with Steve Saleen back in the picture, I know the companies going to develop one of the best looking cars ever with this new Euro style body on the 2015 Mustang. It's got me so excited!

With the two aftermarket companies competing for the top spot, it makes me wonder which custom Mustang will have the most horsepower, the Saleen or the Roush? Some say the new S550 Roush may get a turbocharger. All I know is, with Whipple and Kenne Bell getting around 700-800 horsepower, you can only expect the Saleen and Roush to get around the same amount of powertrain. Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!

2015 roush s550 mustang2015 roush mustang rendering

new photos 2015 saleen mustangHoly smokes, Saleen just revealed some more photos of the 2015 Saleen Mustang 302, and Saleen is not just showing the front fascia. Get a good look of the 2015 Saleen Mustang 302 from the side, man does it look sleek and sinister! The new 2015 Saleen just looks amazing. I honestly think that this might be one of the best Saleen Mustangs ever created. Far as I know, Saleen hasn't revealed any specs yet for their customized Stang, but a guarantee it's going to be some serious numbers as they always tend to supercharge their custom Mustangs.

Stock, the 5.0L coyote engine is putting down 400 horsepower, I can imagine how much horsepower the 2015 Saleen Mustang 302 will be making when it comes out. Some say will be around the 700 horsepower mark! Honestly that may be too much horsepower for me, that's absolutely earth shattering!!! Anyone who plans on buying a Saleen Mustang for 2015, better have a good lawyer at hand or losing your license may be a future mishap. Seriously, keeping my foot from mashing out on the gas pedal with 700 hp behind the wheels will pretty much be impossible!

Might I add, some current these is suggest the 2015 Saleen looks too much like a 2015 Camaro. However, I think they are easily distinguishable, can you say haters? Stay tuned for pictures of the Roush Mustang next...

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