1969 shelby gt350 convertibleOne classic Mustang is is looking to fetch an incredible half a million dollars at the Dupont Registry! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because the car has the Vin number of # 0001, that's right it's the first 1969 Shelby GT350 to be made. Making it one special Mustang to have for any car collector. The current price it's it's that is $495,000 USD, I mean that economy has rebounded back a little bit, but I don't think a car collector is ready to throw down that amount of cash. The Shelby GT350 Mustang has just over 51K miles on the clock, but it is in mint condition. Is actually great to see the owner drives the car occasionally or maybe that's the miles before he decided to restore it.

red 1969 shelby gt350 convertibleshelby gt350 convertibleshelby gt350 mustangshelby gt350 convertible engine

rare shelby mustang gt500One of the rarest Ford Mustangs ever built was just sold this Friday at a car auction for $280,000, that's an incredible 56 times the original price the car sold for back in 1969, when it was originally sold to Larry Brown for only $5,000. It's incredible to see a car appreciate in price like that, but that's how rare the Shelby GT500 Mustangs go for nowadays.

Some in mint conditio n can fetch upwards of half 1,000,000 dollars, especially at car auctions such as Barrett Jackson. People from all over the world came to California to bid on the car. The new owner, I'm sure will be happy with his purchase. He might be able to restore it to pristine condition and sell it for even more money. Remember originally this car was found in a barn after its owner Larry Brown had passed away, Brown had no will or family members to inherit this one-of-a-kind rare Shelby Mustang, so it went up for auction. What a doozy!

shelby mustang gt500 cobrashelby gt500 cobra emblem

line lock 2015 mustang burnoutWell this is rather interesting, website Motor Authority has talked to Ford, and according to them if you use the line lock feature on your 2015 Mustang for drag racing it will avoid your warranty. So you might ask what the hell was it made for, well again according to Ford, there's nothing wrong with testing the capabilities of your Mustang in a non-race environment. So basically don't use the line lock feature for racing at the track, but if you do it on the street, that's okay, however you might get a ticket. On the flip side, some say racing your Mustang at the track without an opponent is okay, but I think that's a gray area. Maybe Ford just made it to purposely avoid your warranty when something breaks on your Mustang, lol, so they can save money. It kills me how these car manufacturers make a car that's made for racing, but when you attempt to do it, they want to avoid your warranty. Capitalism at its best!

mustang madness car showTo celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, there will be all types of different Mustang car shows happening across the country. One happening soon, is the Mustang Madness Car Show at Petersen Automotive Museum on May 4th. Mustang Madness will be a short car show, just from 10 am To two pm, participants can meet up at Galpin Ford at 7 am and rally drive over to Petersen Automotive Museum. It's always fun to show off your custom Mustangs in a nice beautiful lineup. It's to show that people still care about American manufactured cars. Cash prizes will be handed out and Henry Ford III himself will give out $500 and the Ford Heritage Award. On Saturday, before the car show, formula drifting champ Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be there to sign autographs and give live interviews.

mustang madness petersen automotive museum

maroon 1965 ford mustangYou're looking at a one-of-a-kind maroon 1965 Ford Mustang. What makes this classic car a classic, is not just the beautiful looks on the exterior, but the miles it's traveled across the country. It's owner, has put 122,000 miles on the 289 cubic inch four barrel carburetor motor. Any car like that that's taken a a being and still has a pristine paint job, makes it a classic car. This classic car has a lot of sentimental for its owner, just about everything on the car's original except for a small lift kit. Everything from the interior, is original, it still has this same lack vinyl seats and black carpet. It has some wear and tear, but that's what makes this car great.

2004 cobra terminatorIf anyone's looking for a 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra to buy this summer, look no further than this mint 04 Terminator for sale in Michigan. Right now the car is listed for $33, but I know the owner is willing to come down to $31k. The 2004 Cobra is not only in tip top mint condition shape, but it also has only 1000 miles. So anyone who's a passionate car collector, can't pass up on this deal. What makes these Terminators so great, with only a pulley and an aftermarket exhaust system, you can be pushing 500 horsepower to the rear wheels. Hence the nickname the Terminator, back in the day this was the King on the road, still to this day though it takes down a lot a muscle cars and rice burners. It's still a great bang for your buck and the exterior looks of the car, are just out of this world. This is one of the most sinister looking Cobra Mustangs ever produced by Ford. You can check out the auto trader listing here.

custom 2015 mustang model kitFord was giving out 2015 Mustang model kits at the 2014 auto show, one of the Mustang fans who received a model kit decided to customize the Mustang with a Ingot Silver paint job. I don't think it matches the real Ingot Silver, but it sure looks pretty cool, kind of like a brushed aluminum look. I'm really digging those custom black rims. You can check out more photos of the 2015 Mustang model down below, enjoy!!!

custom ingot silver 2015 mustangcustom ingot silver custom mustangingot silver 2015 mustang2015 mustang gt silver

recaros seats 2015 mustang gtThe 2015 Mustang GT and EcoBoost coupes will once again have the standalone option to upgrade to Recaro seats. This is a great option for anyone that plans to race their Mustang on the track or dragstrip. Recaro racing seats provide comfort while also keeping your body snug when you hit tight turns at the racetrack. Recaro seats are also included in the track/performance packages for the respective trims. They also had some pretty good style to the interior of a Mustang, can't wait to see what they look like on the 2015 Ford Mustang.

ford mustang car showMustangs from all over the world to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang at Flushing Meadows Park. According to Ford, this is the location where the first Mustang made its debut on the World’s Fair grounds back in 1964. 94 Mustangs showed up from New York area Mustang club's to make this small car show a historical mark in Mustang history. Ford group vice president, Raj Nair, said it felt great being here. These photos should get you warmed up for many Mustang car shows to come. Ford plans on having one big extravaganza to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

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Check out this amazing video of a sweet 2015 Mustang GT doing a burnout with the new line lock feature. This line lock feature should've been on all the Mustangs over the years!!! This is going to make a great feature for people that like to raise their Mustangs at the track. For now we're just going to have to drool over this video of the new Ford Mustang smoking its tires.