2003 mach 1What can I say, I still love the SN95 Mustangs from 99-04 generation! This is a cool photoshoot of a custom 2003 Mach 1 that is sporting Saleen wheels. Is not a real fancy looking Mustang, but it's very clean! Just having the custom shaker hood adds a lot of muscle to this Mustang. I'm not so sure if this is a true Mach 1 Mustang, but really who the hell cares, it's a neat looking replica if it's fake. The owner of the Mustang has gone through a lot a work to make a clone Mach 1 Mustang. By the way, love the tinted windows on the Stang as well, great looking muscle car.

2003 mach 1 mustang2003 mach 1 mustang rearmach 1 mustang custom wheelsred 2003 mach 1 mustangred mach 1 mustang

mystic cobra mustang terminatorThis gorgeous mystic Cobra Mustang Terminator was spotted at the AED car show at Sacramento Raceway. There were a ton of great Mustangs that showed up at AED car show, but this mystic Cobra is what made the show for me. It makes me miss my Cobra Terminator that was just sold only a few weeks ago. I can't believe I sold it, was such a beautiful muscle car, but my family and I need to buy a house, so it is what it is. Maybe down the road, I can pick up a new 2015 Ford Mustang.

2014 mustang weldstar wheelsWithout a question, Weldstar makes the perfect drag wheels for the Ford Mustang. There hasn't been many Mustang enthusiasts posting pictures of the newer Mustangs with custom Weldstar wheels. So when I came across these cool photos of a newer 2014 Mustang GT running weldstar wheels, I knew I had to post the photos on my Mustang blog. I'm a huge fan of Weldstar wheels! They have many designs to choose from, but I think the standard five spoke wheel looks the best on the new modern Mustangs. If you do plan on buying a set of Weldstar wheels for your Mustang, just thoroughly check out these photos I posted online. I think they complement the Ford Mustang nicely. So if you were planning on buying them, I'm sure you'll really want to buy them now.

mustang custom weldstar wheels

2015 shelby gt500 mustang eleanor

Is this what American Muscle has in store for us, when they start releasing aftermarket parts for the 2015 Ford Mustang? I hope so! Because this creation of a custom 2015 Shelby GT500 Mustang aka Eleanor is absolutely gorgeous. I guarantee even Chip Foose himself likes this custom creation of a 2015 Eleanor. I absolutely love the custom headlights in front, along with the fog lights on the bottom, and the bulgy hood. And how about that side exhaust? Whomever created this 2015 Shelby GT500 Eleanor rendering did an incredible job. All that's missing is a little bit more of a deep dish lip in back. Then this re-creation of the Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor would be absolutely perfect!

jlt performance cold air intakeAnyone looking to add a Cobra Jet intake manifold to their 2011 Mustang GT, be aware JLT has finally come out with a cold air intake to precisely fit on the engine. Before Mustang owners only option was to make a Three-Valve JLT work. Well now there is no worries, because this new JLT cold air intake can be installed easily within a few minutes. Mustang owners can expect quite a bit of horsepower increase after both the Cobra Jet intake manifold and JLT cold air intake is installed on their Coyote equipped Mustangs. Here's a photo of what the new cold air intake looks like, what a clean install!

taiwan 2015 mustang

Ford just revealed its smart car Mustang at Asia’s biggest tech fair Tuesday in Taiwan. So what's cool on the new 2015 Ford Mustang? Voice controls and early warning collision systems! The AppLink technology within the 2015 Mustang will allow drivers to make their mobile apps respond to voice commands. But there's much more, such as the Mustang being able to adjust the car speed automatically to keep a safe distance from vehicles and the ability to boost brakes if it anticipates a collision. Drivers will also be able to set different modes such as normal, snow-wet, sport or track. These are pretty exciting innovations for the new Ford Mustang, which supposed to be just a muscle car, but nowadays the Mustang is obviously much more than that.

steeda 2015 ford mustangA few days ago Steeda had reported that the 2015 Ford Mustang gained 300 pounds. Look on the find out, some of that is all hogwash, because the tuner actually didn't weigh the 2015 Ford Mustang. That gain in weight was a supposed guess, like an estimation. I'm sure after Ford found out about this supposedly "guess," they completely reamed out Steeda for releasing such a statement. So far there is no official word from Ford, whether or not the 2015 Mustang will gain 300 pounds. Chances are it will probably gain a few pounds, hundreds? Well only time will tell!

yellow 2004 cobra mustang terminatorIf you like a yellow paint job, I guarantee you'll dig this photo shoot of a 2004 Cobra Mustang Terminator all cleaned up. The muscle car is absolutely gorgeous! I'm not so sure if I could live with yellow Cobra, but I still like this color. It's always nice to see something different, such as a yellow Cobra Mustang. Other colors that are odd are the mystic color changing paint job and orange, I think I could actually live with an orange Cobra Terminator. The stock chrome five spoke wheels look good on the 2004 Cobra Mustang! Always been a fan of the Terminator style flat spoke wheels, the look good on the Fox Body Mustangs too...

pictures yellow 2004 cobra mustangyellow 2004 cobra mustang2004 cobra mustang rear

2015 mustang clear tail lightsMore pictures have surfaced of the European 2015 Mustang with clear tail lights. I must say, the clear tail lights look pretty cool. But anyone looking to change out the standard red tail lights on their new 2015 Ford Mustang and replacing them with these clear European tail lights, well you can definitely looking forward to getting a ticket, because these clear tail lights are definitely illegal here in the states.

european 2015 mustang clear lightseuropean 2015 mustang clear tail lightseuropean mustang clear tail lights

all american shelby mustang supersnakeNext month, the All-American Shelby Mustang Supersnake that traveled across the country to honor veterans for their service in the military, will be going up on auction block at Russo and Steele Auctions. The muscle car has been dolled up with red, white, and blue American flag wrap. It racked up somewhere near 26,000 miles traveling across the country. Under the hood, is the 5.8-liter supercharged engine that produces an amazing 850 horsepower at the rear wheels. Anyone looking to buy this car, be aware the auction will take place in Newport Beach between June 19-21. All proceeds will go towards assisting the Wounded Warrior Program’s Family Support fund for soldiers injured in the line of duty. All I can say is, that sure would be one cool custom Mustang you have, especially for cruising this summer's Woodward Dream Cruise.