2015 shelby gt mustangBefore you go and unbookmark my site from your browser, please take a look at the other photos I posted of the 2015 Shelby GT Mustang. This one indeed is the best photo out of the bunch! Really though, Shelby American's new 2015 Shelby GT Mustang ain't that bad looking. The rear is sharp, spoiler is subtle and I like the fins on the fascia valance. From the back, the Shelby GT Mustang looks like it's ready to rock, but you get a front view of the mesh grille, I guarantee you'll be ready to puke. And I think those are kinds words to say about the red and gray racing stripe paint job. Once you see photos of the mesh grille against a black paint job, you'll be flabbergasted! It's insane, because most of the time black looks best with any type of bodykit, not this case!

2015 shelby gt mustang blackIt's almost as if your eyes are glued right to the grille because it stands out so much. It's like it shouldn't even be there, I'm not sure what Shelby American was thinking!!! And if one mesh grille isn't enough, these fools added a second on the lower half of the front fascia. And to me, the hood ain't that great either. The raised bump in the hood is a bit too bland to me, what is it these days, it's like Ford and Shelby lost their balls. This special edition Mustang needed a hood scoop, along with base model Mustang by Ford!!! Saleen and Roush did an amazing job with their hoods.

Shelby American actually released this special edition Mustang at Barrett-Jackson, rather than Cobo Hall at the North American International Auto Show. I guess Shelby American figured the car would of gain a lot more popularity if it was center of attention, come to find out, it didn't work that way! Honestly if I brought up this car with any my car buddies, they probably wouldn't even know which model I was talking about. It's too bad, because last year's model was pretty sharp looking.

2015 shelby mustang black yellowMaybe I'm just blowing smoke year, but for Shelby American I expected a lot more! Shelby American never dissapoints under the hood, but we all know that's the easy part. Under the hood they slap a Ford Racing supercharger on the five liter and Borla exhaust system to boost the horsepower to an incredible 627 horsepower, making this the most powerful Shelby GT produced. Now if only the exterior was there to back up the power!

Other goodies include Shelby 3:73 gears with performance Ford Racing half-shafts, a Ford Racing performance suspension kit, staggered Weld Racing Shelby Venice wheels and grippy Michelin tires. As well as a six piston front brake system to keep this beast under control. And if 627 horsepower isn't enough for you, there's an option to boost the power to 700hp with an advanced supercharger setup.

2015 shelby american mustangNow that Ford is selling the new Mustang outside of the states, Shelby American as well claims this to be the first GT for world market. The company is starting to establish modification shops outside the US to supplement the work done in its primary facility in Vegas. If you think I'm full of shit and feel this is the perfect edition Mustang for you, the Shelby GT modification will set you back $39,995, along with the price tag of a brand new 2015 Mustang.

I always say, don't go by what everyone else likes, if you like this version and have the money, go for it! Don't let me stop you, I just feel there's plenty of better ways to spend your money on a cool Stang...

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